MARCH ON STOKE is a pressure group of residents, workers and people with other links to Stoke-on-Trent who oppose the proposed City Council HQ move from Stoke-upon-Trent to Hanley. We wish to give a voice to the widespread opposition to these plans through: 
- peaceful demonstration
- lobbying of political representatives
- petitioning and letter writing
- research into the consultation and democratic processes surrounding this move
- discussion with residents from the widest possible range of backgrounds to raise awareness of this issue and convey the views of ordinary people, which we believe are currently being ignored by those in leadership

Although members inevitably bring their own political affiliations and links to other organisations, this group asks all members to join as individuals, march as people of the city, without logos and banners, and respect the non-party political nature of the group. 

Everyone who agree with the above aims is welcome to join the group and contribute time, skills and small donations to support publicity in order to reach people who are offline. People known to be opposed to the aims stated above will be welcome to debate with members on other platforms, but will not be invited to participate in its development through the Facebook group and meetings.

March on Stoke has a Steering committe made up of

Alan Gerrard, Alan Lear, Alan Barret, John Flint, Ian Norris 


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